Election deniers face a wave of pushback across the country

The Washington Post: “These moves and others reflect a growing effort among state election officials, lawmakers and private sector advocates — many of them Democrats — to push back against a wave of misinformation and election distrust stemming from former President Donald Trump’s false claims. That his The 2020 debacle was rigged.”

“Since that vote more than two years ago, election administrators have routinely defended themselves against false accusations, baseless lawsuits and threats of violence. They have made demands that go beyond their official powers – stopping the use of electronic voting equipment, counting all ballots by hand, ending mail voting or refusing to certify the results. Hundreds of people have resigned or retired as a result of the pressure and abuse, with some states, including Colorado, reporting that most of their county election clerks have left since 2018.”

“Election administrators and their advocates say they’re motivated to take action because election denial doesn’t seem to be going away, even as evidence mounts — in public polling and midterm election results — that most Americans are tired of it.”

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