Do the walls work? Biden scoffed as Capitol Police reinstalled metal fencing for his SOTU

Capitol Police reinstalled metal fencing around the U.S. Capitol this week ahead of President Biden’s upcoming State of the Union address on Tuesday.

CBS News is reporting that Capitol fencing, originally installed after the Jan. 6 riots and often used for defense since then, is being reinstalled in conjunction with the SOTU address.

They described it as “controversial”.

“For the third year in a row, an eight-foot black metal fence will surround the US Capitol complex during President Joe Biden’s address to Congress,” they wrote.

The fence, plastered with signs reading “Area closed by order of the United States Capitol Police Board,” has become an increasingly common and controversial security measure since the Capitol riots.

The fence is expected to remain in place until at least Wednesday.

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Metal fencing returns to keep people out of the Capitol

It’s really strange that the Capitol Police and lawmakers cower behind a large metal fence whenever they think they can protest against a president who received the most popular vote in American history.

Especially when a former defense secretary described the Capitol riots as little more than “a rowdy band of MAGA supporters” who were “taking selfies.”

In the months leading up to the Jan. 6 rally, the Capitol complex was guarded by thousands of National Guard troops, surrounded by razor-wire fences and locked with manned checkpoints.

About two years ago, when the fence was finally removed, the New York Post celebrated it as “the People’s House once more.”

Since then they back it up for every SOTU lecture. When protesters wanted to hold a rally to promote justice for Ashley Babbitt, they turned it down. American truckers turned it around when they prepared their own ‘Freedom Caravan’ in the nation’s capital.

They are cowards, plain and simple.

People naturally had some questions about making a return to metal fencing.

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This appears to be the work of the wall… for the personal security of the President

With metal fencing returning to the Capitol, many openly wondered why it was necessary, while others pointed out the hypocrisy.

“So, the wall works?” asked a woman Name is Cindy.

They work. Our lawmakers know what they do. That’s right their Safety is a priority, see, where the little people – they don’t matter.

Representative Lauren Boebert (R-CO) joked that the president needed more metal fencing to keep Pudding Pops from straying.

Representative Marjorie Taylor Green (R-GA) wondered how a metal fence would protect the president from a Chinese spy balloon.

“Joe Biden is more afraid of Americans visiting their Capitol than a Chinese spy balloon invading our skies for God only knows what,” he tweeted.

Conservative Pamela Hensley writes: “The most popular ‘president’ in history, with 81 million ‘votes’, fears American citizens.”

An account called DC_Draino echoed these sentiments, saying, “They’re building a wall around the Capitol for the SOTU of the guy who got the ‘most votes in American history’.”

Come on. Are you surprised? This is the same person who had to hide in the basement of the entire presidential campaign in 2020 just to get elected. He had to hide so people wouldn’t see that he was a low-functioning psychopath.

The Political Insider reported Monday that former Acting Defense Secretary Christopher Miller largely mocked lawmakers for their response to the Jan. 6 riots.

Miller described top Democrats and Republicans as “hyperventilating on the phone” as they demanded protection at the Capitol that day.

He portrayed lawmakers as “squirming like frightened children” for the world to see during the riots.

“Should I blame a bunch of geriatrics? Of course not. But do I judge them? You’re damned I’m right,” he said.

Old age is once again behaving like frightened children.

A mother of two who lives nearby spoke to CBS News about the metal fence at the Capitol.

“It’s traumatic for our children and it sends a message that something is wrong in our country and in our capital,” he said. “Our kids are watching this and asking their parents, what happened? Why are we barricaded again?’

It’s okay to hurt kids outside the fence, but the kids inside need to feel comfortable, safe, and secure.

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