Disabled senior being wrongfully evicted pleads for help

An Oregon man is being evicted from his home. He is a disabled veteran and is asking for help so he can move to a new place.

A friend of TGP shared this story. He knew this veteran and wanted to bring his situation to light.

Sean Minor is being evicted from his home after living there for 10 years.

Here is her story from Go Fund Me:

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Hi, my name is Sean and I am a disabled veteran, I recently suffered a serious injury that limited the use of my left arm, and now I find out that we are being fired for no valid reason. I am raising funds so that I can cover the costs of travel to physical therapy after my surgery in March, help with mobility, and for unexpected extra mobility costs.

It’s not just for me, this money will go a long way to help my family. This will allow us to finally have a home of our own and keep us from becoming homeless. We are in a bad situation with this injury and being forced out of the house we have been living in for the past 10 years. I’m not at liberty to go into details because it might make things worse for us, but I can tell you that it’s not our choice and it wasn’t something we came up with.

We managed to get a piece of land for $100 a month, but we can’t live on it until the septic tank is installed. The money will be used responsibly and will go toward moving expenses, a large portion of which will be used to help prepare our property for occupancy, physical therapy and travel, and to help cover any unexpected additional expenses. I appreciate any and all help and God bless you

You can donate on Go Fund Me here.