Democrat NYC Mayor Chasing Illegal Immigrants to Canada

It seems like only yesterday that Republican politicians were being accused of racism or even kidnapping for the ‘crime’ of having illegal immigrants live in other cities.

Now, New York City Mayor Eric Adams, a Democrat, is driving illegals across Canada’s frozen border.

And the mainstream media is not a peep from the peanut gallery.

The New York Post reports that the mayor’s administration is paying multiple companies to provide “re-ticketing” services to people who want to relocate.

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Illegal Immigrants Living in Canada

The outlet points out that destinations are limited to the United States, but “word is spreading among the immigrant community that Canada … is the place to go.”

Thus, illegal immigrants are being offered “free bus tickets” (free means taxpayer-funded) to Plattsburgh, New York, about 20 miles south of the Canadian border.

“From there,” writes BBC News, “they pay for taxis and shuttles to take them to Quebec.”

A spokeswoman for Mayor Adams told the Post, “As we’ve said from the beginning of this crisis, our goal is (to) connect asylum seekers who want to move elsewhere with friends, family and/or community and, if necessary, people outside of New York City. Re-ticket to help them reach their final destination.”

That’s exactly what the Republican governors of Texas and Florida say when Democrats drive illegal immigrants into cities.

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Adams, Democrats are hypocrites

When a Republican does this, the left accuses them of kidnapping and human trafficking. So what will they say now that Eric Adams is driving illegal immigrants into a short extension of the Canadian border?

What a hypocrite.

Adams, until he was hit with reality several months ago, had always praised New York City as a ‘sanctuary city’.

“New York City is a city of immigrants, and always has been,” he said Not that long ago.

Now, they’re just a pit stop en route to the frozen tundra.

Oh well, at least they’ll be welcomed with open arms in Canada, where Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau once said illegals are welcome because “diversity is our strength.”

Maybe or not.

Quebec Immigration Minister Christine Frechette was caught off guard by the relocation effort and said it was “surprising” that Eric Adams would start housing illegal immigrants at the Canadian border.

As such, he urged his country to cross down the unofficial border south of Montreal.

“I think it makes the urgency of the situation even clearer,” Frechette said of a gaping path for migrants to cross from New York.

Cracking down on border crossings rarely feels neighborly.

Adams visited El Paso, Texas, last month and described the Biden administration’s fueling of illegal immigration at the border as a “national crisis.”

Meanwhile, the NYC mayor couldn’t convince illegal immigrants to move into a ‘mega-shelter’ in Brooklyn last week, but he did somehow convince them that Canada is a destination.

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