Conservatives have talked about the possible ouster of Project Veritas founder James

Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe has been placed on paid leave as the organization’s board is confirmed to determine his future with the journalism outlet, leaving many wondering if the popular conservative journalist will retain a position at the organization. Democrats and the mainstream media establishment are doomed, or if his time in the field is up.

Various complaints have circulated online from anonymous individuals from within the group and claim that O’Keefe ran a toxic work environment who, according to Post Millennial, was “a brutal task-master who demanded perfection and once even stole an employee’s sandwich.”

Project Veritas released a statement from their official Twitter account last night, saying “Despite what the corporate media tries to portray about our organization, know this: We have never been more motivated and dedicated to our mission than we are now.”

“Project Veritas has achieved tremendous growth and influence over the past three years,” the statement continued, adding, “Like all newsrooms in this state, the Project Veritas Board of Directors and management are constantly evaluating what is the best path forward for the organization.”

“The board and management are continuing this internal assessment to ensure our long-term success. Project Veritas will never stop and we will never let our supporters down. Project Veritas has 65+ employees dedicated to continuing its mission of exposing corruption, dishonesty, fraud, waste and other misconduct in both public and private institutions.

“To our supporters: we hear you, we care about you and we will never give up,” the statement concluded.

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In an internal memo obtained by The Daily Beast, a colleague described him as a “power-hungry tyrant” who “publicly humiliated” employees. New York magazine also jumped on the attack on O’Keefe, reporting that sources claimed there was intense “infighting” within the organization.

Sixteen employees signed their names to the memo, which accused O’Keefe of everything from stealing a sandwich to calling another employee a “pussy.” Others said he was constantly misled that his own organization contained leakers and spies by enemies of the mainstream media.

Seeing as how the liberal Daily Beast first got hold of the salacious memo, it seems like it’s not too far off.

O’Keefe has not responded to the allegations against him and has remained silent since being placed on paid leave by the board.

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Conservatives stand with O’Keefe

News of the situation swirling around O’Keefe has drawn many pundits and supporters to comment on the controversial decision as to whether or not he will continue with the organization.

“Everyone is jumping to defend James O’Keefe but really we should wait and see why Project Veritas will remove him from power,” said Brian McWilliams, the liberal host of the Mean Age Daydream podcast.

“He’s the face, he’s the fundraiser, and the driver – it doesn’t make sense to do it on a whim. I think something big will come out,” he concluded.

“If @project_veritas ousts @jamesokeefeIII, we must boycott the organization,” conservative Rumble streamer Isabella Riley Mudd tweeted. “End of discussion.”

Cliff Maloney Jr., former president of Young Americans for Liberty and current political consultant, tweeted his thoughts on what could possibly happen between O’Keefe and the Project Veritas board.

“I’ve seen this work before,” Maloney said. “A principled, round-the-clock worker takes an organization from 0 to 100. His budget went from peanuts to $10 million. His staff grew rapidly. What could go wrong?”

Maloney continued to list possible factors that could be responsible for the situation in a tweet thread, claiming that pressure from constant media attacks and smear campaigns, such as Project Veritas, has taken a hit since Pfizer and their recent investigation into the COVID-19 vaccine. , could influence the board to sacrifice O’Keefe to save themselves from media attacks.

“I don’t know the PV board members,” Maloney added. “I don’t know why they put James on leave. But I do know this: I fully expect them to hit the easy button. Firing James so as to reduce the pressure campaign. That’s what weak men do. They surrendered. They refuse to fight. They bow down.”

“Swig,” the founder of popular clothing site Old Row, known for his support of conservative activists and candidates, also tweeted that he received information from an unnamed source inside Project Veritas and claimed that three board members were responsible for the effort. to expel O’Keefe from his institution.

“This is hard for me to express, as a staunch supporter of PV for years and even a VIP at their events,” he tweeted.

Swig specifically called out Project Veritas board members Matt Tyrmand, Joseph Burton, and Barry Hinckley, saying the three “conducted a six-and-a-half-hour struggle session against James in which they subjected him to constant ridicule and insults.”

Swig also said he found it suspicious that all of this would happen at the same time as the groundbreaking Pfizer story, “You booted the founder right after your biggest win ever??? PV must explain the situation!!!”

“If @JamesOKeefeIII leaves, I will no longer support @Project_Veritas and will support whoever starts the initiative instead,” he continued. “My sources say that with rank and file employees still with James, the board must realize that PV probably won’t survive if [they] Pass it on!”

What are your thoughts on the situation? Do you believe O’Keefe will stay? Let us know in the comments below.

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