Comedian Tom Green has gone viral with the UFO distraction theory, referring to Epstein,

Canadian actor and comedian Tom Green is making heads turn again but this time it’s a viral TikTok detailing his UFO theory and not his usual D-list movie. The 51-year-old cuts straight to the chase, calling the UFO hubbub a delusion and inexplicable drops like Epstein Island and the Ohio train derailment.

You might think of Tom Green as the weird dude from MTV’s reality show or movies like that Charlie’s Angels And road trip Around 2000. Or maybe you know her because she was previously married to Drew Barrymore. One thing’s for sure, fellow Canadian actors and comedians Green aren’t drinking the same Kool-Aid as Jim Carrey.

Green’s video starts out friendly enough before the band-aid comes off. He “forgot to mention” why UFOs suddenly hog the national spotlight.

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Tom Green’s UFO Distraction Theory

Yesterday, Green tweeted about three unidentified objects that he admitted to shooting down in US airspace recently.

White House national security spokesman John Kirby said the objects — over Alaska on February 10, Montana on February 11 and Lake Huron on February 12 — “were unmanned and traveled at such low altitudes as to pose a risk to civilian commercial aviation.” An object was also shot down in Canada’s Yukon Territory on February 11. was done

Although the White House has denied any extraterrestrial activity, the unusual trend has drawn public attention.

So what might a 50-something comedian who ditched Hollywood for a rural cabin in Canada think the government and/or the mainstream media is trying to “distract from us”?

  • “We’re Going to Release the Epstein Island List”
  • “What’s Happening in Palestine, Ohio After the Train Derails”.
  • “And the Ukraine war between the US, Russia and China could start World War III”

Well if not the assessment from the guy who brought us in doesn’t get in the way Freddy Goat Fingered.

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Tom Green mentioned the Epstein list

Green’s mention of Epstein might raise the most eyebrows (and alarm bells).

Epstein’s client list is one of the more controversial unsolved mysteries. This is practically political science at this point.

According to the Daily Mail, the final and most tantalizing release of the Epstein court documents will happen sometime in the next few months. It has been four years since Epstein died in a New York prison. The documents will be released without objection from dozens of people and Jane Doe.

Many high profile names have been ensnared in the Epstein scandal over the years – from royals like Prince Andrew to politicians like Bill Clinton and Hollywood elite like Chrissy Teigen.

Tom Green isn’t the only one curious about the Epstein list. Now her 1.1m TikTok followers have been reminded too.

Tom Green TikTok
Tom Green, TikTok

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Ohio train derailment

In the video, Green talks about the “release of chemicals into the air” from the Feb. 3 train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio. He called the incident “probably as bad as Chernobyl.”

Twenty of the 150 cars of the derailed freight train near East Palestine contained hazardous materials. To avoid a massive explosion, five cars of vinyl chloride were moved into a trench and burned in a huge fire.

According to reports, animals are dying to include house pets. Residents are also reporting symptoms commonly associated with exposure to toxic chemicals.

A Newsweek report declared, “Ohio train derailment could become full-blown environmental crisis”.

Experts say it could be months, if not years, before the full extent of the phenomenon is known.

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World War III

Of course, not to mention Green Ukraine. Interestingly, the actor referred to a “war between the US, Russia and China” rather than the mainstream media’s idealized Russia-Ukraine conflict.

Green doesn’t just follow this line of thinking.

Our own resident UFO insider Kat Anderson claims if the recent UFO spotlight is to distract us from the fact that the West is negotiating to build military factories in Ukraine.

As most of the world seems to have entered, the war in Ukraine continues to rage, with recent unprecedented and historic airstrikes by unidentified flying objects over North American soil. If these floating mysteries are mere distractions to take our eyes off the ball – or should I say, we should keep our eyes skyward and away from the escalating conflict in Eastern Europe.

Read Kate’s full story: here.

Fellow Insider Paul Hare also weighed in on the confusion this week. He dives into the history of disinformation campaigns surrounding the war in his new piece: Why Russia Will Win Ukraine.

There is no shortage of confusion and so when a Hollywood actor uses their platform to question the mainstream narrative, people take notice.

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Tom Green has gone viral

Not surprisingly, Tom Green immediately started the trend with his head turning Tik Tok. Many on the right are hailing Green as a hero.

Jack Posobik“Tom Green Dropping Truth Bombs Here”

Louder with Crowder, “We did it, folks. We made Tom Green red.”

Citizen Free Press“Tom Green Redpiled”

I suspect many of you had UFOs on your February bingo card as Hollywood actors like Tom Green were left off Epstein’s list. Looks like we’re in for another year of mayhem and wild surprises. Folks buckle up.

You can watch Tom Green’s viral UFO TikTok video in its entirety below.

@TomGreen UFOs have been shot down. #fyp #ww3 #epsteinisland #ufo #trainderailment #ohio ♬ X-Files – The Original Movies Orchestra

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