California lost half a million residents in just two years

The combination of Governor Gavin Newsom, the pandemic, crime and taxes have been dire for the state of California.

While states like Texas and Florida have experienced huge population growth in recent years, California has lost a large portion of its residents.

A slight decrease in population is one thing, but half a million people in two years?

RedState Report:

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Half a million residents fled California in just two years

Wannabe POTUS Gavin Newsom is spending a lot of time in Florida campaigning against a so-far non-existent opponent. Newsom is touting California as a true “freedom” state (control your laughter, please), inviting Americans to move to the Golden State for wonderful amenities like abortion on demand up until the moment of birth and state-funded transgender surgery.

Unfortunately for Newsom’s phantom presidential campaign, the stats don’t match the drapes.

Recent census figures reveal that California has lost more than 500,000 residents in the past two years. That’s 143,000 more people than New York State’s rate during the same period. Both states have seen massive migration to red states like Utah, Texas and Florida. In fact, between 2020 and 2022, Texas gained about 700,000 residents and Florida welcomed about 900,000 new residents.

Here’s more from the LA Times via MSN:

The population decline was second only to New York, which lost about 15,000 more people than California, census data show.

Experts say California has seen its population decline for years, with the Covid-19 pandemic forcing more people to move to other parts of the country. The primary reason for emigration is the state’s high housing costs, but other factors include long commutes and congestion, crime and pollution in larger urban centers. The increased ability to work remotely – and not live near a big city – has also been a factor.

The rate of emigration may be slowing now as the impact of the pandemic eases, but some experts say it could be years before the Golden State begins to record the kind of population growth it has experienced in the past.

If Joe Biden can’t run in 2024, Gavin Newsom is waiting to jump into the race.

He better believe it will come if he does.