BREAKING: President Trump to tour Norfolk Southern derailment damage

East Palestine, Ohio “controlled” explosion and resulting toxic chemical mushroom cloud.

on February 3, 2023, a Norfolk Southern freight train carrying carcinogenic chemicals derailed in the small town of East Palestine in Ohio, sending plumes of dangerous gases into the atmosphere during a “controlled release” burn. The main chemical mentioned in the report, vinyl chloride, is used to make PVC. According to, exposure to vinyl chloride is known to cause certain cancers:

Vinyl chloride exposure is associated with an increased risk of a rare form of liver cancer (hepatic angiosarcoma), as well as primary liver cancer (hepatocellular carcinoma), brain and lung cancer, lymphoma, and leukemia.

Gateway Pundit previously reported on additional chemicals that were released as part of the derailment and its effects on local wildlife so far. Fish and aquatic animals are dying in local creeks and rivers that feed into the Ohio River and ultimately the Mississippi River.

Chickens and pets are dying in this area.

But most residents have been told they can safely return to their homes.

Joe Biden has not commented on the disaster.

Pete Buttigieg has not visited the area. He blamed Trump.

Now it’s…

President Trump will visit East Palestine on Wednesday next week.