Brandon Straka has released Part 3 – the conclusion to “The American Prisoner”.

Brandon Straka of the #Walkaway campaign released Part 1 of “The American Prisoner” earlier this week.

Brandon Straka started the #Walkaway campaign after the 2016 election. He wanted to give an honest look at why Americans voted for President Trump and why American workers responded to his message. Straka soon concluded that these voters were not as stupid as the left media portrayed them. Rather, they were concerned about the direction of the country and the future of their families.

Brandon soon launched the very successful “Walkway Campaign” on social media. More than half a million Democrats, fed up with the insanity of the Democrat Party, have joined his #walkway movement. Left and DC elites hated Brandon for his efforts. How dare he leave the democratic plantation!

Fast forward to January 6, 2021. Straka was protesting outside the US Capitol after President Trump’s speech at the Ellipse drew a million supporters who believe the election was stolen.

Straka saw no riots on the side of the Capitol he was on. People were praying and singing. Brandon never entered the Capitol. In no time the corrupt DOJ and FBI raided his home, arrested and charged him with bogus crimes, and made his life hell for the next year. Biden tried to force the DOJ to force him to plead guilty when they knew he had done nothing illegal and nothing wrong. The DOJ’s actions were criminal.

Struck was eventually sentenced to 3 months in prison for protesting the 2020 elections.

Brandon Straka Joins Tucker Carlson: Describes the Horrific Treatment He Suffered for Participating in J6 Protests and Starting the Massively Successful Pro-Trump #WalkAway Movement (VIDEO)

On Wednesday, Brandon Straka released Part 1 of “The American Prisoner” series. Watch the video below.

Part 2 of “The American Prisoner” series was released on Friday.

These are highly entertaining segments. Well done, Brandon!

Brandon Straka released Part 3 of “The American Prisoner” series on Sunday. Watch the video below.

Brandon made a special announcement in this final edition of “The American Prisoner.”

The Walkaway campaign will soon have its own social media platform, #WalkawaySocial!