Black Man Wears ‘Blackface’ On The Sarah Silverman Show To Protest His Old Bits, Gets

A black man decided to attend a show by left-wing comedian Sarah Silverman in blackface, to protest some of her old shows where she did blackface.

Security kicked the guy out of the show. He even ended up in the hospital.

The New York Post reports:

Booted black man in blackface makeup from The Sarah Silverman Show to protest an old skit

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An elderly man says he was harassed by security and booted from a Sarah Silverman show in New Jersey after protesting her infamous blackface skit while wearing blackface.

The man, who is African-American, detailed the alleged ugly encounter in an Instagram post that blew up online.

In the post, Michael B. Jackson, 71, accused “racist Sarah Silverman” of “bullies” roughing her up and evicting her because she wore “blackface paint to her show.” Photos show the protester lying in a hospital bed after the alleged incident

The wild confrontation occurred on Feb. 4 while the 52-year-old comic was sitting front row at a show at the Ocean Resort Casino in Jackson Atlantic City, TMZ reported. In an accompanying video, Jackson is seen sporting black makeup and white on her lips as she prepares to take the stage at Silverman.

He was reportedly protesting a 15-year-old episode of “The Sarah Silverman” show, in which the comic donned blackface for an inflammatory skit on race. Jackson considered the collection of sketches of racist comments to be comedies.

In the sketch, Silverman’s character wore dark face paint to see if it was harder to be black or Jewish.

“I look like pretty Queen Latifah,” he said in a 2007 sketch before telling the congregation at an African-American church, “I’m black today.”

We thought progressives loved protests. what happened

Everything is different when the Democrats do it.

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