Biden’s Ivy League problem

Walter Shapiro: “Maybe I’m expecting too much from Biden, but a little incident recently reported by Annie Lynskey The Wall Street Journal Made me suffer Near the end of a short article about the president’s many, many relationships with the University of Pennsylvania, Lynskey revealed that one of Hunter Biden’s daughters was rejected for early admission to Penn in 2019. The setback prompted Biden—then a private citizen about to declare a run for the presidency—to talk to the dean of admissions at Penn. Perhaps not coincidentally, Biden’s granddaughter ended up in the top 7 percent of applicants admitted to Penn in 2019.

“In a world of over-the-top fake scandals — where everything is the biggest outrage since Aaron Barr killed Alexander Hamilton — this is a nothing-burger. Many a politically connected parent or grandparent has put a thumb on the scale in an effort to score an edge at a prestigious college.. .”

“But still, with all the context in the world added, it’s not a good look for the president. Perhaps Hunter Biden’s daughter would have gotten into Penn based on her merits during regular admissions, but thanks to Grandpa Joe’s intervention, we’ll never know. In all likelihood, someone else was denied admission to Penn so that there would be a slot for Biden’s granddaughter.”

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