Biden Speech to Union Workers at Total Circus in Wisconsin (VIDEO)

Joe Biden left the White House on Wednesday en route to Dane County, Wisconsin, to brag about his dumpster fire economy.

Biden took no questions as he boarded Marine One.


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Joe Biden made remarks at the Luna Training Center in DeForest, Wisconsin, Dane County.

Check out the packed house for the “most popular” president in US history (union workers were forced to be there)!

Biden’s stop in Wisconsin was painful to watch.

He is completely shot.

Biden’s microphone randomly stopped working and he struggled to read his own teleprompter.

He then looked at the union workers and yelled, “Don’t jump!”

Why does Biden always do this?


“Folks, I hate to disappoint, but the Biden economic plan is working,” Biden said.

$7 a dozen eggs, 8+% inflation, high gas prices and no baby formula?