Biden Regime Caught in Another Lie: How Spock’s John Kirby Struggles to Explain

After tens of thousands of Americans were first spotted crossing the continental United States by China’s spy balloon, the Biden administration came out and claimed it had happened during the Trump years as well.

In early February, the Biden administration publicly acknowledged that a Chinese spy balloon had crossed over the United States. The balloon was first spotted over Alaska a week ago on January 28. From there it flies to Canada and the continental United States. The balloon then entered Idaho and crossed the United States for the next four days. The Chinese spy balloon was shot down after leaving US territory and collecting all its data for the Chinese Communist Party. This was an unprecedented event in US history.

China’s spy balloon tracking model over the continental US.

The following weekend the fake news media played clean-up for the Biden administration. The media hoped to convince Americans that these Chinese spy balloons always crossed the United States. In fact, fake news asserted that it happened during the Trump years — three times.

A Fox News reporter pushed back on those claims on Sunday morning. He spoke with Michael Bolton, Rick Grenell, former Defense Secretary Mark Esper and others who said they had never heard of the incident. And if it happened, they weren’t informed – which is just as bad.

Trump’s former adviser John BoltonFormer DNI Rick GrenellFormer Defense Secretary Mark EsperFormer Secretary of State and CIA Director Mike PompeoPresident Trump, Defense Secretary Mattis, and former DNI John Ratcliffe say that’s a lie.

And General Keith Kellogg, Who was the executive secretary and chief of staff of the US National Security Council in the Trump administration, he said, he was never informed!

This has not happened under Trump. And if it did happen, top Trump administration officials weren’t notified — which is just as bad.

The story kept changing over the hours.

The Pentagon eventually said six Chinese spy balloons had been spotted over US territory during the Trump years.

But no one in the Trump administration or the leadership of the US intelligence community was informed.

CBS White House reporter Weijia Jiang on Friday asked NSC strategic communications coordinator John Kirby how the Biden administration was able to track Chinese spy balloons during the Trump years since the radar was upgraded to track them only.

Kirby struggled to come up with a reasonable response.

White House Correspondent Simon Ateba Post this exchange on Twitter.