Biden empowers Susan Rice for sweeping “racial equity” makeover

Joe Biden appointed Susan Rice as chair of the new “White House Steering Committee on Equity” to lead a sweeping “racial equity” progressive overhaul of the federal government by establishing “agency equity teams” across all departments. the rice Biden issued an executive order on Thursday titled, “Executive Order Furthering Racial Equity and Assistance for Underserved Communities Through the Federal Government.”

Agency equity teams will have the power and funding to transform the federal government “by delivering equitable outcomes through government policies, programs and activities.” Each year the organizations will submit an “Equity Action Plan” to the White House Steering Committee on Equity, chaired by Rice. In addition, “each agency equity team shall support continuing equity training and equity leadership development for employees at all levels of the agency’s workforce.”

“Ambassador Susan E. Rhys is a domestic policy adviser to the Biden administration. As Director of the Domestic Policy Council, He directs the formulation and implementation of President Biden’s domestic policy agenda, from economic mobility and racial equity to health care and immigration. He previously served as President Obama’s U.S. Permanent Representative to the United Nations and National Security Advisor from 2009-2017.

America First Legal has vowed to fight Biden’s executive order. Excerpt from the press release:

New Racist Biden EO Installs Equity Czar in Every Federal Agency and Converts Entire Executive Branch to Walk DEI Cult: AFL Vows Relentless Opposition

Yesterday, President Biden issued an executive order titled “Advancing Racial Equity and Support for Underserved Communities Through the Federal Government.” Without congressional approval, Biden has ordered a radical, racist and fundamentally anti-American overhaul of every federal function under the guise of “equity.”

Background of “Equity”.

“Equity” is a euphemism for discrimination based on race, national origin, sex, or economic class, in employment, university admissions, and access to government benefits, programs, or services. As applied, “equity” is nothing more than the reification and reification of racism in the “Jim Crow” era, classism in Stalin’s “anti-kulak” policy, and the orthodoxy of Mao’s “Cultural Revolution.”

…The executive order dictates a radical government-wide “equity” overhaul.

Without direct congressional approval or supporting appropriations, Biden ordered the federal government to accelerate the advancement of verbally illegal “equity” measures throughout the federal government and its operations.

Among other things, the executive order directs agency heads to establish an “agency equity team” within the next thirty days, staffing that agency equity team in each agency with staff from every possible component of each agency (policy, law, communications, financial, fiscal). assistance, civil rights, procurement, etc.), and to radically transform the way agencies conduct every aspect of their operations. The executive order specifically charges each agency’s equity team with “implementing equity initiatives” and “delivering just outcomes” for the American people.

Under President Biden’s executive order, these agency equity teams will be established in the following departments and agencies:

State Department
Department of Treasury
Department of Defense
Department of Justice
Department of Home Affairs
Department of Agriculture
Department of Commerce
Department of Labor
Department of Health and Human Services
Department of Housing and Urban Development
Department of Transport
Department of Energy
Department of Education
Department of Veterans Affairs
Department of Homeland Security
Small Business Administration
Social Security Administration
General Service Administration
Environmental Protection Agency
National Aeronautics and Space Administration
National Science Foundation
The Office of Personnel Management

In addition to “delivering equitable outcomes,” the executive order charges each agency equity team with things like ensuring “continuous equity training and equity leadership development” and embedding “equity” into what each agency does. And the executive order creates a “White House Steering Committee on Equity,” chaired by Susan Rice, to coordinate efforts to embed “equity” in each agency.

Make no mistake – these efforts to incorporate “equity” are radical. For example, one component of the executive order directs all agencies to “facilitate the equitable flow of private capital” when dealing with development in urban areas.

Statement by Stephen Miller, America’s first legal president:

“With the stroke of a pen, Biden has transformed the entire federal government into a DEI cult—installing equity czars inside virtually every single agency in the executive branch and subordinating every department to a Marxist equity agenda. Every previous law and regulation must now be reinterpreted to ensure racial and gender equality: in other words, to achieve a predetermined racial or gender identity outcome even if it requires brutal discrimination against American citizens.

…As part of this largely illegal scheme, the Director of Domestic Policy, Susan Rice, will lead a White House Equity Committee to ensure that no government operations are affected by Biden’s DEI government takeover.

Biden did all this without passing any new laws, barring constitutional amendments, but by ordering the standing bureaucracy to follow his written orders to completely reshape the government in the image of the overgrown ultra-radical left.

Workers will be retrained and reeducated. Policies will be redrawn and redesigned. According to the Marxist equity czars and their taskmasters in the White House, benefits will be redirected and redirected.” …