Biden appointee who pushes unconstitutional military vaccine mandate

Dr. Terry Adirim during a briefing event at the Reserve Officers Association in Washington, DC in 2019.

The former senior defense official behind the unconstitutional military vaccine mandate will step down from his current position as executive director of the Electronic Health Record Modernization Program within the Veterans Affairs (VA), according to FedScoop.

According to an internal memo sent to employees by VA Deputy Secretary Donald Remy, Dr. Terry Adirim will resign on February 25 to “pursue other opportunities” outside the department.

According to an internal memo, the position will be filled by Dr. Neil Evans, currently a senior consultant in the Office of Information and Technology, until a candidate is identified.

Adirim has served as VA Electronic Health Record Modernization Program Director since December 2021.

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The Dossier’s investigative reporter Jordan Schachel reports that Adirim signed an order requiring all service members to receive emergency use authorization (EUA) COVID vaccines while serving as acting assistant defense secretary for health after being appointed by Joe Biden.

“When he was the Acting Assistant Secretary of Defense for Health at the Pentagon (with the Biden admin serving as a political appointee), Dr. Adirim signed an order mandating service members to receive Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) vaccines. Adirim’s memo attempted to justify mandating EUA shots as if they were FDA approved, which they were not at the time and remain so today. The mandate led to countless vaccine injuries, the worst recruiting crisis since the creation of the all-volunteer military, and thousands of service members discharged for refusing to take mRNA testing gene serum,” the dossier reported.

Source: Dossier

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As a dedicated Democratic political activist and medical doctor, Adirim advocates “gender-affirming prescriptions” for “transgender” children, The Dossier reports.

After taking heat on social media for his political activism and illegal declarations, Adirim locked all his accounts. He has yet to fully explain why he signed the Pentagon mandate, while displaying his medical credentials, without the authority to approve the mandate.

In January, the Pentagon officially withdrew the mandate, as it was a requirement of the new defense spending bill.

Adirim was rotated to a new post after the MRNA mandate scandal. He has been an unmitigated disaster in his new job with the Department of Veterans Affairs.