AOC loses it during House oversight hearing, calls Hunter Biden’s laptop

During a Congressional Oversight Committee hearing on censorship by Twitter during the 2020 election, “Squad” member Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (aka AOC) went on a wild tangent where she called the events surrounding Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop “quasi-fake”.

“When the New York Post first reported in October 2020 that it had obtained the contents of a laptop computer owned by Joe Biden’s son Hunter,” the congresswoman said, “the newspaper did not share what it found.”

“The New York Post had this alleged information and they were trying to publish it without any backup information. They were trying to publish it on Twitter, Twitter wouldn’t let them, and now they’re upset.”

What the AOC was referring to was the censorship of all stories and content on Twitter related to Hunter’s laptop, which Joe Biden and other Democrats as well as media outlets called “Russian meddling.” Evidence has since confirmed that the laptop belonged to Joe Biden’s son and that the contents, including sexually suggestive images and other messages related to the Biden family’s business dealings, were genuine.

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Anything but the truth

During the AOC’s debacle, he said he believed “political operatives who wanted to spread explosive disinformation” were behind the initial New York Post story, and because the story was censored online, they became “exuberant.”

“And they want the ability to do it again,” he continued. “They want the ability to inject it again. So they have dragged a social media platform here to Congress. They are weaponizing the use of this committee, so they can do it again. A full hearing about the 24-hour hiccups in a right-wing political operation. That is why we are here now.”

From there, he went on to say that the hearing was a “misuse” of taxpayer resources and that allegations of Hunter Biden’s controversial business dealings with Ukrainian gas exporters and the Chinese government were “half bogus.”

“We can talk about health care, we can talk about lowering prescription drug prices, we can talk about abortion rights, civil rights, voting rights, but instead, we’re talking about Hunter Biden’s half-fake laptop. story. I mean, it’s an embarrassment. But I’ll get to it… Let’s talk about something real.

It’s going to be difficult for the AOC to clarify which part of the story surrounding the laptop is fake, since even the liberal New York Times had to admit the authenticity of the laptop and its contents, ending left-wing theories that the laptop fiasco was a Russian disinformation campaign.

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What we already know from laptops

The contents of the laptop that have been the primary focus of the hearing are emails that show Hunter Biden promised to arrange a meeting between a Ukrainian oil executive and his father while his father was serving as vice president.

According to a New York Post piece published just around the 2020 election, “the never-before-disclosed meeting was referenced in a 2015 letter of appreciation to Burma’s board adviser Vadim Pozharsky, Hunter Biden allegedly sent” Hunter’s time on the Burisma board, any experience in business, engineering or fossil fuels. He was earning $50,000 a month despite not having one.

“Dear Hunter,” one letter began, “Thank you for inviting me to DC and giving me the opportunity to meet your father and spend some time together.”

An older email to the show dating back to 2014 asked the same adviser, Hunter Biden, to “advise how you can use your influence” on Burisma’s behalf.

It’s this revelation that contradicts President Biden’s claim that he “never talked to my son about his foreign business dealings.”

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