A train derailment in Ohio is releasing toxic chemicals into the air, naturally

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg earlier this week focused on alleged racial disparities on construction sites, with workers on infrastructure projects often looking different from the communities they’re working in.

Buttigieg made the comments while appearing at the National Association of Counties conference on Monday.

“We’ve heard a lot of stories from past generations of infrastructure where you’ve got a neighborhood, often a neighborhood of color that finally sees the project come to them,” he explained.

“But everybody in the hard hats on that project looks like, you know, doing – well-paying jobs that don’t look like they’re from anywhere else,” Buttigieg added.

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Something a little more important

Hey, if Pete Buttigieg has so much time in the land that he’s lamenting work practices from ‘generations past’ – federal project funding for the DOT to go to at least 10% minority-owned businesses since 1998 – that’s great.

It certainly means things are going well in the transport sector and the transport secretary may have his eye on the wrongful harm to white construction workers.

without a problem.

A current ongoing environmental disaster is taking place in East Palestine, Ohio where, earlier this month, a train derailed, releasing toxic chemicals into the air, soil and water.

Residents in both Ohio and Pennsylvania were ordered to evacuate as nightmarish images of smoke and ice from the controlled burn of the chemical emerged.

The New York Times reports that “residents feared for their health” and “complained of headaches and feeling sick since the tracking.”

People are sharing photos of dead animals online, claiming they are the result of a chemical release, although this has not been confirmed. Aquatic animals, however, are a whole different ball game.

The Times wrote, “Residents say fish and frogs are dying in local streams,” while the Ohio Department of Natural Resources estimates that 3,500 fish of 12 different species have died so far.

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Pete Buttigieg focuses on ‘racist’ construction projects

Ohioans are fearing for their health and safety, animals are dying, and we’re witnessing what could be the country’s worst environmental disaster in generations, but fear not – Pete Buttigieg is going to tackle racist construction sites.

Fox Business host Dagen McDowell blasted Buttigieg’s tone-deaf response to the ongoing crisis.

“Democrats, liberals and leftists have repeatedly scorned people like them who now live in this Chernobyl that is East Palestine, Ohio, bitterly clinging to their guns and Bibles, smelly Walmart shoppers,” he said.

“I can go down the list of the left, and quite frankly people like Buttigieg and people who represent Biden and his administration, even Biden himself, have shown their hatred, hatred that runs deep and wide.”

Buttigieg has been tweeting updates on the disaster but has also lost confidence in some normally friendly quarters for his overall inaction.

Representative Ilhan Omar (D-MN) called for “a congressional investigation and direct action from Pete Buttigieg to address this tragedy.”

“The derailment of the East Palestinian railroad will have significant negative impacts on the health and well-being of residents for decades, and there has been almost zero national media attention,” he said.

Well, why should the media pay attention when the Secretary of Transportation is discussing white construction workers?

Fox News host Tucker Carlson mocked Mayor Pitt, joking that “at gunpoint” Buttigieg “couldn’t change a car tire” but somehow oversees our streets.

“[Buttigieg] “There seems to be no idea that a train derailed in East Palestine, Ohio,” Carlson quipped. “His real concern is that we have too many disgusting white construction workers in this country.”

When you rent a variety, variety is the only thing on your mind.

This is the same man, after all, who promised to tackle America’s crumbling roads by focusing on the “physical racism on some of our highways.”

The same man who tackled a supply chain crisis that lingers to this day by focusing on his own two-month paternity leave.

Republican Senator J.D. Vance blasted Buttigieg and the entire administration for continuing to focus almost exclusively on important issues.

“We are governed by idiots who care about fake issues instead of the real truth that our country is falling apart in the most important way,” Vance fumed.

Perhaps the most obvious reason is Buttigieg’s real unconcern about the tragedy in East Palestine. The city is about 94% white.

As usual, the people who proclaim the loudest things to be racist are actually the most blatantly racist people.

If this train derails and spills toxic chemicals in Detroit or Baltimore, will Buttigieg do more?

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