A Lodi City Council member has been arrested on 2020-related voter fraud charges

On Thursday morning, the San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Office announced new charges against the city councilman Shakir Khan who was already facing criminal charges related to the 2020 election.

Khan was accused of using fraud to obtain a seat on the city council.

Police searched his home on unrelated charges and found numerous sealed and completed ballots.

Police also got around 70 names registered to Shakir Khan’s house, email or phone number.

Khan is accused of undermining and violating the electoral process in Lodi, California.

John Pulitzer The local sheriff’s press conference announced the charges against Shakir Khan.

KCRA reported:

A judge on Friday granted Shakir Khan’s release on his own recognizance after the Lodi council member appeared in court a day after his arrest on election fraud charges. Khan wore an orange jumpsuit and appeared to be in good spirits, giving members of the media a thumbs up and pumping his fist in the air as he walked into the Stockton courtroom. His attorney Allen Sawyer advocated for his release so that Khan could return to the country with his family while the ongoing investigation and proceedings in the case continue. Friends and family members calling for his release came out to show their support. Khan faces multiple criminal charges stemming from the 2020 election. 41 ballots are alleged to have been kept at his house. Investigators also said he registered 23 people to vote at his home and that his email and phone number were used to register 47 people. Body camera footage shows voters telling detectives how Khan pressured them to vote for him and how he falsified voter registration documents.