17-year-old soccer player “died suddenly in sleep of heart attack”

Worrying global trend in which young people die without warning.

Last week in Laval, Quebec, Canada, a 17-year-old soccer player named William Caron-Cabrera died of “cardiac arrest.” He was a student at Cure-Antoine-Labelle High School.

The official cause of Caron-Cabrera’s “cardiac arrest” activity and subsequent death is unknown at this time. A full autopsy is pending.

Story from here Mail Laval (Story translated by Dr. William Makis, MD):

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The Wolves of Curé-Antoine-Labelle High School are in mourning. They announced the death of their player William Caron-Cabrera during the week of February 6.

He was in Secondary 5 and was supposed to continue his sports career with Campus Notre-Dame-de-Foy (CNDF) at the college level. The defensive back also worked for the Quebec team and the Laval-Nord Vikings.

“It is with sadness that we learn of the death of one of our own, as we read on the Laval team’s Facebook page. William […] Just finished his fifth season with the Wolves. Our deepest thoughts go out to his family and loved ones.”

According to information issued by the Laval Police Department, he died of cardiac arrest in his sleep. The cause will not be suspicious, in any way criminal or suicidal.

admired person

Several organizations and relatives of the 17-year-old athlete have reacted to the death.

“William was a good sportsman, everyone’s friend, always making us laugh and his departure will leave a big void in our big family of handball Laval, can we read on the Facebook page of this same organization in Jesus Island. Take care of your team of friends and rest in peace.”

“William Caron-Cabrera was a talented, passionate, funny and funny player that we were blessed to be able to count on. [our] Big family”, added the flag-football Terrebonne club. It is with a heavy heart that we learn of his death today. He managed to make a positive impression on people throughout his very short life.

Hopefully Caron-Cabrera’s family will find the cause of her sudden death. Many of these young families never got closure.