12-year-old football player dies suddenly after collapsing on field

Eliza Jordan Brown-Garcia died on Friday, February 10 after collapsing at football practice.

He turned 12 just two months ago.

Elias’ family is still searching for answers to what happened.

According to NBC New York, the tragic incident occurred at youth team training in Newark while Eliza Jordan Brown-Garcia was doing two of the things she loved most: spending time with her younger brother and getting ready for soccer practice.

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Elijah played for the Essex County Predators, a team owned by the Big 21 based in Bloomfield.

With the season still months away, Elijah was practicing soccer at West Side Park with his 10-year-old brother Mekhi.

Without warning, Elias left. Mekhi immediately contacted his mother, and another parent dialed 911, but no one performed CPR. The coach was working at the time of the incident.

“He’s not hurt, like no contact or anything. He ran about 20 yards, saying he was going to take a break. I don’t think he took enough time,” said brother Mekhi Stradford.

Raven Brown, his mother, was shocked by the incident because her son had no health problems, News 12 reported.

“No contact. It was just a back-and-forth drill. He wasn’t hurt,” Brown said. “He was a healthy kid … I don’t know why Friday night was his day.”

Brown said her 10-year-old son, Mekhi, called to say Eliza had suddenly collapsed and was no longer responsive.

Brown claims he got there before the ambulance did. He claimed it took two calls from people in the field and a third from him before an ambulance arrived.

“I beat the ambulance out there,” Brown said. “Like 30-40 minutes. It took them a long time.”

Eliza was taken to University Hospital where she later died.

No details have been given about the cause of death.

His mother told RLS Media that the state regional medical examiner’s office will conduct an autopsy.

A fundraising campaign was created to help with the funeral.

Watch the video below: